Tomorrow When The War Began

The John Marsden classic novel Tomorrow When The War Began has done well as a movie thanks to the genius of Stuart Beattie who wrote the screen adaption of the book. He did such a good job of it that he was recently rewarded for his efforts by winning Best Script at the Inside Film Awards in Sydney against some very stiff competition. These are people’s choice awards so it shows just how popular this movie has become since it’s release only a couple of months ago.

At the same awards, Caitlin Stasey won Best Actress, while “Tomorrow When The War Began” also won the coveted Best Feature Film award and Best Music award. What a coup! After only a couple of months at the box office, Tomorrow, When The War Began has taken over $13.3 million dollars; not bad for a production that was made wholly within Australia.

Tomorrow When The War Began Hell

The beautiful scenery in the movie, especially that of “Hell” (where the teens first go away camping and then use as a safe home base) was shot in New South Wales Australia. While the producers haven’t given away the exact location of Hell in Tomorrow When The War Began, apparently it is located in the Northern Beaches area about 45 minutes away from Sydney.

Tomorrow When The War Began Scenes

tomorrow when the war began

The main road used in Tommorow When The War Began, is one of the main streets in rural Dungog, and the stunning aerial scenes of Australian bushland were from areas in the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley. Fox Studios in Sydney was also used for some scenes.

The Tomorrow War

Even though John Marsden, when writing Tomorrow When The War Began, purposefully did not mention who the invaders of Australia were, there has been a bit of controversy since the movie came out because of the Asian appearance of the enemy force.

Stuart Beattie went to great lengths to make sure that the dialect they spoke was of no particular origin so that no country could be singled out as the invaders. .
Both John Marsden and Stuart Beattie don’t want the gist of the story, i.e. how teenagers cope and deal with finding out their country is invaded, to be overshadowed by people trying to make an issue about who the invaders are.

The point of the Tomorrow When The War Began story is not who invaded Australia but how the teen characters have to grow up, work together and co-operate to become a cohesive unit, and make decisions that are much bigger than they are in order to survive, while doing a lot of self reflection in the process.

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