Tomorrow When The War Began Cast

The Tomorrow When The War Began cast of young adults, who are the focus of the movie, consists mostly of young Australian actors who have appeared in various Australian television and movie productions. Some are quite well known for their roles in popular free to air soapies like “Neighbours” and “Home and Away”.

Caitlin Stasey

Caitlin Stasey was well known to Australian audiences before her role as Ellie Linton in Tomorrow When The War Began. She had played the popular character of Rachel Kinski for 3 ½ years on the teenage soapie “Neighbours”. Prior to that Caitlin had starred as a regular in the pre-teen TV series “The Sleepover Club”. She has also done some singing work, releasing a single “Unforgettable” that she recorded with her co-star in Neighbours, Ty Harper (Dean Geyer).

Ellie Linton

Caitlin auditioned for and won the role of Ellie Linton in the Tomorrow When The War Began movie. She was thrilled to get the role and most movie critics have applauded her interpretation of the strong, intelligent yet vulnerable character Ellie Linton. Obviously, the general public agreed because In November 2010 Caitlin won the “Best Actress” award at the Inside Film awards in Sydney for her role.

Deniz Akdeniz

Deniz Akdeniz is another of the Tomorrow When The War Began actors who was known to Australian television audiences, mainly for his role as sporty Raff in “As The Bell Rings”, a Disney Channel Australia television series that he starred in from 2007-2009. He was also involved in musical theatre from a young age and enjoys Jiujutsu and soccer.

Tomorrow when The War Began Homer

Deniz had read the Tomorrow When The War Began book when he was at school so enjoyed getting to play the role of the larrikin and troublemaker, Homer, in the movie. He has also received critical acclaim for his role and was nominated for Best Actor at the Inside Film awards, but unfortunately missed out on getting the award.

Phoebe Tonkin Tomorrow When The War Began

Phoebe Tonkin is another young Australian actress who has been in a number of television productions. She is probably better known for her role in the successful television series “H20 – Just Add Water” where she played the magical mermaid Cleo for which she was nominated for an AFI award. She has also made appearances in “Home and Away” and “Packed to the Rafters”. Phoebe also does some modelling, and was involved in dance and theatre productions when she was younger.

Tomorrow When The War Began Fi

Tomorrow When The War Began is Phoebe’s first feature film and she was excited to be a part of it and play the role of Fi whom she describes as giving the appearance of being confident and sweet on the outside, but actually being insecure and full of self-doubt on the inside. She enjoyed working with the other actors and says making the movie was a lot of fun; all being on the same journey together.

Rachel Hurd-Wood Tomorrow When The War Began

Rachel Hurd-Wood hails from Britain and has been in a number of well known films including Dorian Gray and Perfume. She has worked on a film in Australia previously, playing the role of Wendy in Peter Pan which was filmed on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Rachel deferred her University studies in Britain to be able to work on Tomorrow When The War Began.

Tomorrow When The War Began Corrie

Rachel plays the part of Corrie in the movie, who was actually one of her favorite characters in the book (which she first read while out here filming Peter Pan). She says she enjoyed being in a modern day film; a nice change from the period films she has starred in, and liked the many different ways she was able to play Corrie in each scene

Ashleigh Cummings

Ashleigh Cummings, age 17, is the youngest of the Australian actresses in Tomorrow When The War Began. She may be young but she has a number of acting roles to her credit. She has appeared on the teen soapie “Home and Away”, had a lead role in the 2008 feature film Green Fire Envy, and also appeared in the television movie “Dream Life”.

Robyn Mathers

Ashleigh plays a brilliant role as the nerdy and religious Robyn Mathers and had been nominated for the Young actor Award at the prestigious 2010 AFI awards. Ashleigh thought Robyn to be a very interesting character who she describes as a beautiful, beautiful person who believes in her morals.

Chris Pang

Chris Pang was keen to star in Tomorrow When The War Began. After hearing about the auditions he was keen to try out. Only problem was he was in Hong Kong at the time. Unperturbed by this situation, Chris sent off an audition tape anyway and ended up landing the role of Lee Takkam in the movie. He is also another one of the young Australian Tomorrow When The War Began actors who has television and movie roles to his credit, with appearances in Real Stories and Tangle television shows, and movie appearances in Home stories, Y, the Last Afro and Citizen Jia Li.

Tomorrow When The War Began Lee

Chris liked playing the quiet, introverted role of Lee. He thought the character had a lot to offer, though Lee had difficulty with expressing that. He felt Ellie could pick this up and was one of the reasons she is drawn to him. For the beautiful piece of music Lee plays on the piano in the movie, he got lessons at the Sydney Conservatory of Music as he does not play the piano.

Lincoln Lewis Tomorrow When The War Began

Lincoln Lewis is a young Australian actor who is no stranger to television audiences of the popular teen soapie “Home and Away”. He was one of the popular characters on the soap, playing Geoff Campbell, for 3 years (2007-2010). He has also been involved in a number of films including Aquamarine, Voodoo Lagoon, Tomorrow When The War Began and his most recent, Mei Mei.

In addition to Home and Away, Lincoln has been in the following Australian television shows: The Sleepover Club, H20:Just Add Water, Mortified, Dancing with the Stars and Recue: Special Ops. He won a Logie award for Most Popular New Male Talent in 2008, and won King of Teen in the 2008 Dolly magazine Teen Choice Awards for which he was also nominated for Favourite Aussie in 2010.

Tomorrow When the War Began Kevin

Lincoln really wanted to be in Tomorrow When The War Began as it was one of his favorite books as a teenager. He begged his agent to organise an audition so he could be part of the telling of this much loved teen story. He got the role of Kevin and enjoyed playing the part of the emotionally immature teenager who has to ‘man up’ at the end of the movie, as events push him to dig deep and reveal the courage he seemed to lack up to that point in the movie.

Andy Ryan Tomorrow When The War Began

Andy Ryan is a young Australian actor who has also been in some Australian television productions. In 2009 he was a regular in the comedy series The Jesters playing the part of Zac Green. He has also had parts in All Saints, Chandon Pictures, Lonely, Double the Fist, the Black Balloon and A Match of Priorities

Chris Lang Tomorrow When The War Began

Andy Ryan was thrilled to have landed the role of Chris Lang in Tomorrow When The War Began. He said it was an amazing opportunity to be playing the role of the loner who doesn’t seem to care about anything or anyone except his weed. He is not really that affected by the invasion, as his parents were overseas when it happened, so doesn’t share the rest of the group’s passion to stop the enemy force in their tracks.

The young actors from the Tomorrow When The War Began cast have done a great job of bringing John Marsdens characters to life on the big screen. And with the popularity of the movie and its success at the box office we can look forward to seeing them again in the highly anticipated sequels.

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