Is There Going To Be A Tomorrow When The War Began Sequel?

Is There Going To Be A Tomorrow When The War Began Sequel? This is the question being asked in a lot of forums discussing the movie and I’m happy to say that yes, due to its success at the box office here in Australia since its release (in excess of $13 million dollars now) Stuart Beattie has been given the okay to write two more sequels to the movie.

The Tomorrow When The War Began movie has been enjoying great success here since its release two months ago. It has been well received by the general public, especially the young adult audience for whom it is made. Most of these young adults were mad fans of the seven books in the Tomorrow series; Tomorrow when The War Began being the first book in that series.

Stuart Beattie will not only write the screenplays for the next 2 sequels, he will also be directing them and using the same cast. This is great news for the many fans who have read the next lot of books in the series. The Tomorrow movie has done surprisingly well in Australia so far in the short time since its release.

Maybe because the story the movie is based on is written by popular Australian writer John Marsden and the screen play for the movie was written by Australian screen writer Stuart Beattie, who also directed it. Maybe because the movie has been made entirely in Australia, has a mostly Australian cast and crew, and was shot in some of our most beautiful native bush land areas.

Whatever the reason, proud Aussies young and old have been lining up to see it, and will be pleased to know that through their support of this Australian made production, the making of Tomorrow When The War Began sequels is now going to be a reality. This, together with the news that the Tomorrow DVD is now available locally should make fans of the movie very happy indeed.


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  1. shibby says:

    yayayayayayayay!!!!!! i love tomorrow when the war began and i have read all of the books

    i am very VERY excited that they will b making the next 2 books!!!!

    i love homer(deniz akdeniz) and lee(chris pang)

  2. Bianca says:

    i am so happy that there is going to be two more sequels to the movie i first read the book and was suprised to know that as i was almost finished the book they were going to make a movie! i love both the movie and books! i love the characters and the storyline! this is my fav movie! its better than harry potter! i was so happy that caitlyn stacey would star as ellie in the movie because ive grown up watching her on T.V and she is now someone i look up to! all the best!

    • Gabstar says:

      I LOVE TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN!!! I HOPE TO GO TO THE PREMIERE AS I MISSED IT LAST TIME! Caitlin Stacey is favourie actor in the movie.

  3. Saaj says:

    WOW I have fallen in love with these books, I never read anything but these books have got me so hooked. I loved the first film and I definatley hope there will be a sequel! I love Lincoln Lewis he was amazing on Home and Away and he is so much better in Tomorrow When The War Began! Oh and I love Cailtien tooooooooooooooo!

  4. ZOZO says:

    I love the books and the movie
    The actors are so amazing, i reckon it would be heaps fun to be in a movie like this
    I hope the next one is as good as the first
    But the books are always better : ) xx

  5. Pell says:

    Yay that they are making two more films but they just can’t leave the whole of the movie series half way through the boils if you get what I mean. So what… They are just going I skip the last FOUR books because they are only letting him write two more scripts!!?? Well that’s not good enough!! Hope they come to their senses and release ALL the books as individual movies!!!!! New Harry potter here we go!!

  6. Sheridan says:

    This was a brilliant film. I’ve not seen an Aussie film like it without being tacky. I can’t wait for the sequels.

  7. issy says:

    ok im happy to hear there will be another one but when is it going to be released its making me go insane!!! iv red all the books TWICE i love the story line so much it just HAS to be out soon it just HAS TO lol

  8. Jy says:

    when will they come out???

  9. Dawn says:

    Read all seven books in a week, and I really enjoyed the movie. It’s great news that there’s going to be a sequel – but I would have liked a particular date.

    • admin says:

      Hi Dawn, I am waiting in anticipation as well for the date. There have been no announcements as yet, but as soon as it is announced I will let readers know on this site.

  10. trisha says:

    Hi, I am not a teenager,,,,,,,in fact, I am a grandmother and I love this movie. I can’t wait till the next two sequels are released. It is also great that it is filmed entirely in Australia.

  11. tahlia williams says:

    so when will number to come out? im dieing to know?

  12. Mitch says:

    I read all the books and loved them! Unfortunately, they didn’t show the movie in Canada so I just watched the first one online. Can’t wait for the next one!!!

  13. Erica says:

    When will the next movie be released ???

    • admin says:

      As soon as it is announced I will post it on this site

      • Cece says:

        Caitlin Stacey said that her involvement in the tomorrow when the war began series, is over, so we just lost a MAJOR actress here, the producers, and director, don’t think their going to make a new one, cause they just lost ellie, so now they might not do it, I’m from the US and I just heared about this, I’m probably wrong and should stop believing what they said on the internet, I sure hope I’m wrong….. If they do make a new one, when will it come out in the us? HOPE THEY MAKE A NEW ONE!!!!!

  14. Casey says:

    I love the movie tomorrow when the war began it’s the best movie I just hope there is a second one. I am just about to read the books but I would like to see the the next movie :)

  15. kyla says:

    oh i love this movie i am only 11 yaers old and i have watched it its the best movie in the world it’s my first time watching an australlian movie and i loved it in jamaica where i live it came out in thetres but didn’t see it watched it online they sould put the reslease date. I have never raed the book but i watched the movie and it was great

  16. lynda devine says:

    hi im from the uk and i would just love to say i thought the cast and film was more than brillllllllliant….. i cant wait for the next movie to be released i hope you let us no. i we was so gripped to it we dont realy get many ausie movies here mainly american movies we should see more thankyou. lynne

  17. Cece says:

    Caitlin Stacey sad that her involvement in the Tomorrow when the war began series, is over, so we just lost a MAJOR actress here, the producers, and director, don’t think their going to make a new one now, cause they just lost Ellie, so now they might not do it. :’( :’( :’( this makes me sad.

  18. admin says:

    Hi Cece
    I read the same article, however the production company that made the first movie has not made any comment about the sequel as yet, so we will have to wait until they issue a statement either way.
    I know Stuart Beattie has been busy working on a different movie so will have to also wait to see if he will get around to writing a screen play for the sequel

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